Here's what an IntellaTread treatment can do for you and how your business can benefit



Increased slip resistance :
  • Increased safety for employees, customers and the public.
  • Peace of mind knowing that floors are safer to walk on when wet.
Not a coating :
  • IntellaTread won't rub off
  • There's no discernable change to surface appearance.
  • Can be walked on immediately after treatment.
Surface change is microscopic :
  • Floors can be treated as per normal after treatment.
Treatment can be done in sections :
  • Your floors can usually be treated without interrupting business.
Safer floors to walk on :
  • Instills pedestrian confidence and improves productivity in work areas exposed to water splashes and spills, and rain.
5-Year Guarantee :
  • Your guarantee that your investment in safety is protected.
Addresses OH&S risks :
  • Reduced likelihood of injuries and medical costs
  • Reduced potential for WorkCover claims
  • Increased protection from law suits

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