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IntellaTread reduces the risk and danger of slip and fall accidents, increasing floor safety on surfaces that become slippery when wet. It makes the floor safer to walk on wet than dry. Thus avoiding injury, lawsuits, litigation costs, employees days lost and the subsequent loss of goodwill.

The IntellaTread activator is a uniquely formulated compound designed to react with silica sand in any mineral surface such as Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Quarry Tile, Slate, Terrazzo, Granite, Cement and other Stone surfaces that become slippery when wet.

The result of the chemical reaction with the mineral surface is a creation of thousands of microscopic crevices, a tread pattern that creates a suction cup effect when the treated surface becomes wet.

IntellaTread can be safely applied without changing the appearance of the material or grout on which it is applied. An IntellaTread treatment actually makes the floor safer to walk on wet than dry!! Moreover, unlike many other chemicals that may work topically and eventually crack, peel, rub off or are affected by ultra violet light, IntellaTread will not rub off, crack, peel, chip or discolor with age.

There is little discernible change in appearance after the surface treatment has been applied. Once treated, the floor can be walked on immediately and is maintained by normal cleaning methods.

While technically the IntellaTread treatment should last the life of the tile, we provide a 5 Year warranty from the date of application.
As all floors are different depending on the type of material, age and use, they are tested prior to treatment to ensure a quality professional non-slip result.
Licensed IntellaTread operators carry out the treatment and will provide a no obligation on-site demonstration and quotation.
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